ROSATOM intends to continue the construction project of Baltic NPP, head of the public corporation Sergey Kirienko stated at the IX International Forum “Atomic Energy, Society, Safety 2014.”

“We don’t decline our project. Now, we restructure it, proceeding from new conditions. We negotiate and re-sign contracts with electricity buyers now. As soon as all the technical system and commercial terms are in place, the work will be continued,” he said.

The CEO of ROSATOM reminded that the project had been suspended earlier. “The project followed the logic where Kaliningrad and the Baltics operate within the grid united with North-West Russia,” he noted, adding that last year the European Union and the Baltics had unexpectedly stated that they would de-synchronize [their grids] with North-West Russia. S. Kirienko believes that this decision doesn’t have an economic sense; it is rather a political one. In view of this decision ROSATOM decided to suspend the project to restructure it.
Source: Interfax