Chetepsky Mechanical Plant (CMP, an enterprise of TVEL Fuel Company of ROSATOM in Glazov, Udmurt Republic) has set up commercial production of hafnia (hafnium oxide). Thus, the enterprise has become the first industrial hafnia producer in Russia. 
The CMP technology is unique as it embraces the full cycle of hafnia production from zirconium ore opening and decontamination to manufacturing of the final product with assay not less than 99%. The distinction of the technology is that the raw material for the new commercial product is the own hydrometallurgical waste of reactor zirconium production. 
“For the first time, we have produced clarified hafnia out of own raw materials. The technology has been developed as the result of the joint cooperation between the plant’s R&D team and the hydrometallurgical shop-floor specialists”, comments Vladimir Kochugov, CMP research engineer.
About hafnia
Hafnium oxide is mainly used for producing optical coatings and special sorts of glass. Yttrium oxide-stabilized hafnia is used for obtaining thermal barrier coatings.

Source: Press Service of Chetepsky Mechanical Plant