Director General of ROSATOM Alexei Likhachev commented on the first criticality of Unit 1 of Leningrad Phase II. 
“For the first time in the recent history of Russia we start up two power units within one week: at Leningrad and Rostov NPPs. It is worth noting that we do so in strict compliance with due dates and costs,” he said. 
“Rostov-4 is a representative of legendary one-thousand-MW VVER-1000 reactors. Today several dozens of such reactors operates worldwide. The advance power unit which design comes back to the USSR features unprecedented reliability, simplicity, efficiency and meets latest safety requirements. These power units have a great operational robustness margin and they will be in operation for more than one decade. However, all in good time, and today in Russia we have stated up the last power unit with VVER-1000,” Likhachev stressed. 
“Unit 1 of Leningrad Phase II with the Generation III+ VVER-1200 reactor is another story. This is an innovative design based on the technology which is supported by engineering solutions tested by time, one the one hand, and all cutting-edge development in effective operation and safety, on the other hand. VVER-1200 is a qualitatively new unit; it has grasped all innovative solutions which are in demand today both in this country and abroad. In essence, today in front of our eyes the change of technological generations in nuclear are taking place, and this is an exciting moment for all Russian nuclear workers,” Alexei Likhachev noted.
Source: The Communications Department of ROSATOM