December 25, Ishwardi – A public information office of the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant has been inaugurated today. 
Representatives of the Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC), local government officials, Yury Koshelev, Chief Engineer, Bangladesh branch office of ASE Group of Companies (an engineering division of ROSATOM), Andrey Shevlyakov, Regional Vice-President, Rosatom South Asia, attended the inaugural ceremony among others. 
The public information office, located next to RNPP, will be one of the most efficient channels of communication between local residents, ROSATOM and BAEC. Public information office visitor will learn more about Generation III+ cutting-edge technology and safety systems of Rooppur NPP, its progress of work and nuclear energy in general. 
“We all know that Bangladesh is vesting a lot in nuclear energy. The Rooppur NPP will allow reduce power shortage in the country. But a nuclear plant is not only about power, it creates new jobs, enriches knowledge, gives an impetus to nation`s industrial and scientific development. We expect representatives from government and non-government organizations, teachers, students, general public as well as media persons to visit the public information office”, said Alexander Khazin, Senior Vice President for International Projects of АSE Group of Companies. 
“At ROSATOM nuclear safety is a top priority. The second aspect of our work is perception of the nuclear industry. The basis of our approach is to promote direct dialogue with all concerned. There can be no exception – the distinctive feature of nuclear power projects is that they encompass all stakeholders. Direct contact with each target group is the key to successful communication. We emphasize on stakeholders` involvement and education,” said Andrey Shevlyakov, Regional Vice-President, Rosatom South Asia. 

Source: Press Service of АSE Group of Companies