11-15 March ROSATOM representatives took part in the European Research Reactor Conference (RRFM) in Germany. Organized by the European Nuclear Society, the Conference has been held annually under the auspices of the IAEA for 20 years, and serves as a recognized international platform for discussion of major issues concerning safe and efficient operation of research reactors and construction of new research reactors.
Rusatom Overseas (a ROSATOM company) Director for Nuclear Research Reactors Dmitri Vysotski stressed the importance of this event as a platform for all of us to exchange views, learn about new projects. «We feel the growing demand globally for research reactors in the world which can be used not only for research, but also for education and training, material testing and modification, production of radioisotopes for medical and industrial applications, etc.», he said.
As part of the new projects session, the head of Product Development for Nuclear Science and Technology Centers of Rusatom Overseas Ruslan Kuatbekov and the Director of Applications of the Bolivian Nuclear Energy Agency (ABEN) Luis Caceres jointly presented the ROSATOM project for construction of the center of nuclear research and technologies in Bolivia, which is aimed to provide a platform for ground-breaking experiments, improve overall scientific knowledge and serve as training centers for students and future nuclear scientists.  Ruslan Kuatbekov underlined that the unique characteristics of the center will be able «to solve developmental challenges in healthcare, agriculture and industry and to foster national, regional and international technology exchange and innovation».
Luis Cáceres presented the role of the Bolivian Nuclear Energy Agency (ABEN) and mentioned the importance of Bolivia to build an independent and strong nuclear industry in the country with the support of the recognized and experienced world leader in nuclear applications like ROSATOM. Joint project is crucial to be able to improve the national economy Bolivia through application of the advanced nuclear technologies.


Source: Press Service of Rusatom Overseas