Following the 2017 results, ROSATOM has won the first place among state-owned companies in the best employers’ rating in Russia held by the largest recruiting web portal of the country, HeadHunter. The rating is held for the eighth time. Over 1,000 companies took part in it. The rating results were published on March 12, 2018.

The rating of the best employers of Russia is most reputable project in the country which allows assessing independently attractiveness of Russian companies for workers and specialists. A place in the rating is given considering a sum of three assessments: voting results of candidates (weight is 40%), involvement level of working employees (weight is 40%), and assessment of performance of human resources services (weight is 20%). In companies where the staff schedule comprises 100 up to 500 people not less than 40% of employees were questioned while in larger companies – not less than 30%. Correctness of the use of methodology and calculation of the rating results are checked by independent international and Russian audit companies. In different years the auditors were Deloitte, KPMG, and BDO Unikon. This year the rating auditors were partners and international consultants PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

“ROSATOM has taken part in HeadHunter’s rating since 2012. Over 5 years the state-owned corporation has gone up 30 positions to the second place from 32nd place to become the best state-owned corporation for work in the country. This is the largest growth in the history of the rating among employer-participants by total index which is made up of three indicators: voting results of candidates, involvement level of working employees, and assessment of performance of human resources services. Total Index of ROSATOM was 138 against 125 of the last year exceeding last year winner’s index of the rating,” Nina Osovitskaya, a Russian employers rating expert of HeadHunter web portal, notes.

“It is of honor and not easy at the same time to be the leader, having ascended so fast, and sustainably been in the top of the best employers of Russia during three years when the competition among the rating participants grows rapidly each year. And approaching the top of the rating by one position is more valuable. Ambitious, large-scale and innovative objectives which ROSATOM is facing today in the country and beyond are the backlog for further successful movement forward of the nuclear industry,” Tatiana Terenteva, HR Director at ROSATOM, shares her opinion.

Following the results of 2017, in the total rating of HeadHunter the 1st place went to Sibur, the 2nd place was won by ROSATOM and the 3rd place was given to the American company NVIDIA. The complete table of results of the Top-100 rating is posted on RBC web-site and the rating methodology is posted on the rating web-site.

For information:

ROSATOM, by right, can be named one of the best employers of the country. The state-owned corporation for many times has been among the best employers according to independent respectable Russian and international ratings: the largest recruitment web portals of Russia HeadHunter and, Aon Best Employer of the international consulting company AON Hewitt and students’ rating of the international consulting company Universum.

Source: The Communication Department of ROSATOM