Once again ROSATOM was included into the category “Guaranteed Transparency” in the nomination of the “State Corporate Customers” of the National Procurement Transparency Rating (NPTR) for 2017. The XI Annual Ceremony for summing up the rating was held in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia on December 6.
“I would like to congratulate ROSATOM with the deserved award. The State Corporation is our true leader in the procurement under the 223th law and the style setter in perfecting procurement procedures,” Victor Simonenko, the Chairman of the Organizational Committee “National Procurement Transparency Rating”, stressed at the awarding ceremony. 
The NPTR analytical center studied 3,021,988 procedures carried out in the state consumers sector which totaled to RUB 6.45 trillion as well as 2,004.670 procedures carried out in the segment of customers who observed the Federal Law No. 223-FZ which totaled to RUB 39.21 trillion. 422 customers became participants of the rating.
This year in the sector of the state and municipal procurement, the researchers singled out an apparent trend of enhancing the transparency. As compared to 2016, the number of conducted electronic auctions has grown significantly (70% of the total number of procurement procedures). In turn, this is the most competitive way of procurement in the framework of requirements of Law No. 44-FZ. In this connection, the state loss index is declined in the conditions of low competition. In 2017, this index was RUB 135 billion, while in 2016 it was RUB 180 billion.
In the corporate segment (Law No. 223-FZ), most of procurement (77%) falls with the procedures carried out to the internal regulations of the customer; only 23% are carried out as “the only vendor” scheme. With this, a share of procurement carried out electronically at ETPs is 76%. All these witness the growth of competitive procedures and shifting small procurements to electronic ways.
For information:
The transparency rating is a comparative analysis of largest state and corporate structures which is done to assess the current level of transparency and effectiveness of procurement frameworks of the national market participants. Annually, starting from 2006, the NPTR project continuously monitors transparency and procurement effectiveness of the national procurement market. The project objective is to get the full picture of economy conditions which are described by the structure and volume of the orders market, procedure transparency indicators, procurement competitiveness degree, and economic efficiency of costs of the market participants. Results of the research allow to view in dynamic the state of the state order system in Russia, obtain specific quantitative assessments of financial losses of the state in low competition conditions, participation of SBSs, distribution of the state orders by types of business.  

Source: The Press Service of JSC Atomkomplekt