The Business program of ATOMEXPO-2018 International Forum to be held in Sochi on May, 14-16, provides for the Round Table “NPP operation” carried out by Concern Rosenergoatom (Member of Electric Power Division of ROSATOM). 
The Round Table session will be opened by the Director General of Concern Rosenergoatom, Andrey Petrov, and Chairman of WANO Board of Governors, Jacques Regaldo, saying the words of welcome to attendees. The presentation from Concern: “Operation of nuclear power plants in Russia: today and tomorrow” will be made by the Deputy Director General – Director for production and NPP operation, Andrey Demetiev. The EDF representative – Michel Buisse will speak on the cooperation between EDF and Concern Rosenergoatom in the area of safe nuclear plant operation. Dariusz Nowak - the Kozloduy NPP representative will make presentation on Kozloduy 5 and 6 lifetime extension for another 30 years with increased to 104% electric power. The Hungarian partners will be represented by Jozeph Elter, Technical Support Director of Paks NPP with the paper: “Safety and Effectiveness are in perfect step at Paks NPP”. Senior partner of McKinsey, Sergey Solzhenitsyn, will be event moderator. 
Panel discussions will take place after presentations where all attendees will be provided with an opportunity to discuss lessons learnt and pending issues including application and replication perspectives for digitalization of nuclear plant operation, importance of international cooperation for safe and effective operation of nuclear plants as well as the issues of past and future for Fukushima Daiichi NPP.
Round Table “NPP Operation” – May, 14, 10:00 – 12:00, Hall “Green”, Main Media Center.
For reference:
JSC Concern Rosenergoatom is the largest power generating company in Russia and Russia’s only operator of nuclear power plants. The Concern’s core businesses are generation of power and heat by its nuclear plants, and operation of the nuclear plants sources of radiation, nuclear material and radioactive substance storage sites pursuant to the procedure set forth by legislation of the Russian Federation. The Concern’s membership includes 10 nuclear power plants of Russia with affiliation status and enterprises supporting the activities of power generating company. Currently, Russian NPPs produce about 19% of power from the total electrical power generated in Russia.
The ATOMEXPO International Forum is an annual event initiated by ROSATOM and acknowledged to be the largest international exhibition and business platform for discussing the current state of the nuclear industry and setting future trends. Participation in Forum events provides a great opportunity for promoting business interests of ROSATOM, its divisions, subsidiaries and affiliates on the world market. For accreditation, please visit ATOMEXPO website.
Source: Department for Information and Public Relations JSC Concern Rosenergoatom