On April 19, 2018 JSC Isotope (enterprise of ROSATOM) signed with Laboratorios Bacon, S.A.I.C. a two-year contract for the weekly supplies of molybdenum-99 produced by JSC SSC RIAR to Argentina.
The document was signed in the presence of Sergey Derkach, the Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the Argentine Republic 

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Cooperation between JSC Isotope and Laboratorios Bacon, S.A.I.C. has begun in 2013 but was mainly limited to supplies for a period of Argentine reactor maintenance in order to meet the national needs of Argentina. 
In 2017 the Russian side carried out a number of ‘insurance’ supplies that prevented disruptions in the supply of medical facilities with vital isotope products in Argentina (about 70% of diagnostic procedures in oncology and up to 50% in cardiology in the world are performed with a daughter product of molybdenum-99 — technetium-99m). The competence of the ROSATOM enterprises regarding production of the medical isotopes convinced the Argentine side to continue the mutually beneficial partnership that as a result contributed to the signature of the two-year contract. 
JSC Isotope — Joint Stock Company Isotope is a vital link that connects Russian isotope manufacturers and clients in foreign and domestic markets. JSC Isotope is the sole supplier of isotope products manufactured by ROSATOM State Corporation enterprises. Our client book holds more than 100 foreign customers in over 30 countries and more than 600 Russian companies.
JSC SSC RIAR —is the largest nuclear reactor research institute located in Dimitrovgrad city, Russia. RIAR operates six nuclear research reactors, the Europe’s biggest reactor materials testing complex for PIE of the core components, fuel cycle R&D facilities, radiochemical complex and radioactive waste management facilities. www.niiar.ru 
Source: Press Service of JSC Isotope