ARMZ Mining Machinery, LLC (part of mining division of ROSATOM) has shipped the first load-haul-dumper (LHD) powered by lithium-iron-phosphate battery to an external customer in Latin America. The LHD under the domestic Argo brand name will widen the international market of self-propelled mining vehicles.
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The Argo LHD 140 B that they’ve shipped was assembled by ARMZ Mining Machinery, LLC at its Krasnokamensk-based plant in compliance with all international requirements. The employees at the plant have an extensive operational experience in assembling Argo LHD 140 B battery-powered load-haul-dumpers, which have been successfully used in the underground mines of E.P. Slavsky PIMCU, PJSC (Krasnokamensk, Transbaykal region, Russia). The LHD is now at the beginning of its logistic route and more than 10,000 km away from the customer’s mine.
“This is an important milestone for us, since we intend to supply Argo LHD 140 B not only to the Russian and CIS markets, but also to overseas companies. It has a big potential and this is supported by international demand for our eco-friendly machines,” said Igor Semenov, Chairman of the Board, ARMZ Mining Machinery, LLC.
Source: Press Service of ARMZ