At Leningrad NPP (town of Sosnovy Bor, a branch of Rosenergoatom Concern, a part of the largest Rosatom Division – the Electric Energy Division) the works on the reactor assembly of the innovative power unit No 1 of LNPP-2 (power unit No 5 of LNPP) with VVER-1200 reactor of the latest 3+ generation have been completed.
The last building elements of the reactor were put at their proper location including the large parts such as protective tube unit, upper unit and metal structures of electrical connection block. All necessary sensors of in-reactor monitoring system were assembled; the reactor unit heat insulation was fully completed.
Now the specialists prepare the reactor for the final stage of the physical start-up – the transfer to the minimum controlled power (MCP) up to 1% when the controlled chain reaction starts.
“The reactor is fully assembled, sealed and is ready for the hydraulic tests of the primary and secondary circuits when we check the equipment of the reactor unit one more time and conclusively prove its tightness. After this we can proceed to the transfer of the reactor to the minimum controlled power (MCP)”, the Chief Engineer of LNPP Aleksandr Belyaev said.
He also explained that during this sub-stage it is foreseen to carry out a number of the physical experiments and studies. They will allow to specify the received neutronic characteristics of the first fuel loading of the nuclear reactor, as well as to prove the reliability of the functioning of the safety systems, blockings and the system of nuclear and physical control and nuclear safety of reactor unit.
It is planned to put Leningrad NPP power unit No 1 with VVER-1200 to the MCP in January 2018.

Source: Information and PR Department of Leningrad NPP