In 2019, the Russian nuclear power plants (affiliate companies of the Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company) set a new electric power output record – over 208.784 billion kilowatt-hours, which means they have grown their joint production and exceeded their previous record of 2018 (204.275 billion kWh) by over 4.5 billion kWh.   
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The FAS assignment for 2019 has been delivered at the rate of 103% with the planned production of 202.7 billion kWh.   
The biggest contributions into the new Company’s record were from the Rostov (over 33.8 billion kWh), the Kalinin (over 31 billion kWh), and the Balakovo NPPs (over 30 billion kWh). 
Thus, a share of nuclear power plants in Russia’s energy mix has increased up to 19.04% in 2019 (in 2018 this indicator was 18.7%). In the United Energy Grid (UEG) of Russia, without considering electricity generation by Bilibino NPP which operates in the isolated power system, a generation share of nuclear power plants has increased up to 19.3% (19.1% in 2018).
Source: Communications Department of Rosenergoatom JSC