On April 23 in Moscow the Ministry of Far East and Arctic Development, the Government of Sakhalin Region and ROSATOM signed the agreement of intention concerning the cooperation in the project “Creation and Development of the Hydrogen Cluster”.
The document was signed by Minister of the Russian Federation for Far East and Arctic Development Aleksei Chekunkov, Governor of Sakhalin Region Valery Limarenko and First Deputy Director General and Director of International Business Development of ROSATOM Kirill Komarov. The signing ceremony took place in the framework of the Doors Open Day of Sakhalin Region for investors.
The agreement calls for the cooperation in entire range of areas, including construction of a hydrogen production facility; organization of chain of supply of hydrogen to external markets and local consumers; creation of a hydrogen fleet together with companies which implement projects in this area. Also, a competence center in hydrogen and other clean technologies is planned to create in Sakhalin State University, which would train staff, transfer technologies and exchange experience.
“The large-scale project in Sakhalin could become the flagship project for development of this high-technology area in Far East. The region has a number of powerful competitive advantages: geographic proximity to potential large consumers of hydrogen, scientific headstart, and comprehensive governmental measures to support investment projects. Success of the Sakhalin project would allow circulating experience in other Far East regions,” Russian Minister for Far East and Arctic Development Aleksei Chekunkov noted.
“The implementation of the hydrogen cluster project in the island has a strategic value because it will facilitate development of high technologies, upgrading of industries, transport and infrastructure of Sakhalin Region, raising of its export potential, development of partnership between participants of Asia Pacific Region. All conditions for implementation of breakthrough technologies in different sectors will be created in the cluster, and its residents will enjoy all possible support measures,” Valery Limarenko stated.
“Today, for ROSATOM the hydrogen energy generation is one of priority business areas, and we actively work on projects in this area. I am sure that our cooperation with the Government of Sakhalin Region will give impetus to development of economy of the region and increase its investment attractiveness. Sakhalin has every prerequisite to become one of the leaders in mastering hydrogen technologies. Earlier, we signed with the Government of Sakhalin Region an agreement concerning launching trains on hydrogen fuel cells on the island, and now we have set a broad range of cooperation which implies comprehensive transformations in life of the island,” First Deputy Director General and Director of International Business Development of ROSATOM Kirill Komarov said.

Source: Communications Department of ROSATOM