NovaWind JSC has started the construction of the Bondarevskaya wind farm in the Stavropol Region. The capacity of the third wind farm under construction in the region will be 120 MW, the planned annual average output will be 354 mln kWh. The site will have 48 wind turbines installed with a capacity of 2.5 MW each. The amount of investments in the wind farm construction exceeds 16 billion rubles.
At present, 15 units of construction equipment, more than 50 workers and technical engineers have already been mobilized at the construction site. Pre-construction activities and bored piles installation are in progress. There is a concrete plant with a concrete mix capacity of 135 cub.m/h already operating on site, and the second plant with a capacity of more than 100 cub.m/h is being installed.
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NovaWind JSC is the ROSATOM division responsible for wind energy projects. In total, enterprises within NovaWind JSC will have to create wind farms with a total capacity of 1 GW by 2023.

Source: Press Service of NovaWind JSC