Panel discussion “Lifecycle management”: what does the client want to get - a physical object or a management platform? within the framework of the Xth International forum Atomexpo-2018 arranged by ASE Group of Companies, representatives of the leading foreign engineering companies, vendors offering the market their own digital platforms/products, customers, regulatory authorities and investors are gathered at the venue.
The leading companies offering the latest and advanced digital developments for lifecycle management of complex engineering facilities - Rolls-Royce, Siemens, ABB, GE Digital Foundry and ASE Group of Companies - presented their developments within the event.
The moderator of the panel discussion, Konstantin Polunin, a partner, head of expert practice of the Boston Consulting Group, specified main issues of the discussion: what does the industry need for further active implementation of digital technologies and what does the consumer expect thereof?
“Nowadays, using digital technologies in the industry is evermore crucial. There are a lot of challenges on their implementation - in terms of operation, cost increase. But as the result, we are speaking about not only the cost reduction at all stages of the industrial facility lifecycle, but also, about the application of new innovative technologies” - assumes Robert Fletcher, Director for civil and nuclear energy of Rolls-Royce.
The discussion participants determined main trends of this segment development. Integration of innovative companies decisions into digital platforms of the corporations, development of the own platform, creation of a real facility digit twin and use of cloud platforms in terms of advanced technologies application for nuclear industry will be continued.
Delivering a report on Multi-D industrial and technological digital platform created by the specialists of ASE Group of Companies and Rosatom State Corporation based on the engineering facility information model, Vyacheslav Alenkov, the Director of JSC ASE EC for system engineering and information technologies mentioned that currently it is next to impossible to implement a project meeting the update and advanced requirements without modifications in the modern management system of complex engineering facilities. “For this reason ASE Group of Companies for the last several years has been creating Multi-D platform”, - he points out.
There are 13 technologies involved in the development, including thread-specific data, cloud and fog technologies, digital intelligence and machine learning, process robotics technologies, information and cyber-security technologies. Not only designers and builders of the facility but also suppliers, customers and state regulatory authorities have access to some of these technologies.
“Deep digitalization of a product is needed, the result of which is a detailed information model of the facility. Also, deep digitalization of the facility construction and operation processes is required, the result of which is the industrial and technology digital platform for the facility life cycle management. The main product to be created based on the platform shall be the information model of the facility connected at the operation stage in real-time mode to its physical facility, i.e. a Digital twin”, - V.Alenkov reckons.
For the reference:
Multi-D system that has been developed by the experts over the last 10 years ensures the efficient management of all lifecycle stages of NPP and other capital construction facilities. Currently, the solutions based on this management system are replicated in all facilities in the ASE Group of companies portfolio and can be implemented in any type of complex capital construction projects.
ASE group of companies was established as part of the Rosatom State Corporation engineering division by merging leading companies of the industry, such as: JSC ASE EC - Atomstroyexport JSC - Atomenergoproekt JSC - ATOMPROEKT JSC. JSC ASE Group of Companies is one of the leaders in the global nuclear power engineering and accounts for 31% of the global NPP construction market. Representative offices, branches and front offices are operating within the territories of 15 countries. About 80% of the order portfolio are accounted for by foreign projects. It implements high power NPP design and construction projects, RAW and SNF management facilities, thermal power facilities, and renders full range of services related to EPC, EPC(M) and PMC  services for any complex engineering facilities. 

Source: Press Service of JSC ASE Group of Companies