October 03, 2019 – Within the framework of the Russian Energy Week 2019 international forum, Rusatom Automated Control Systems JSC (RASU JSC), JSC Specialized Scientific Research Institute for Instrumentation Engineering (JSC SNIIP) and Thermo Fisher Scientific Messtechnik GmbH (Germany) signed the Memorandum of Understanding, which marks the beginning of, and provides the general framework for the parties’ joint discussions to determine the detailed areas of possible mutual cooperation.
The signed document requires no firm commitment from any of the parties, however, the Memorandum secures their intention to undertake projects in the future, and enables the parties to work actively towards the collaboration.
“The signed Memorandum defines the interest of the parties in the joint development of Personal Exposure Monitoring System (PEMS), in which RASU is planning to use its in-house upper-level solutions”, Andrey Butko, the CEO of RASU, noted.
For reference:
Rusatom Automated Control Systems JSC (RASU JSC) is part of Rosatom State Corporation. The company is the single integrator of I&C and Electrical Engineering businesses. It accumulates the long-term experience of Rosatom’s enterprises in development of automated control systems and comprehensive electrical engineering solutions. RASU performs the full scope of activities, from engineering and design to delivery and commissioning of I&C systems and electrical equipment, both in Russia and abroad.  Since 2019, two more companies of the Russian nuclear industry are under the management of the integrator: JSC Specialized Scientific Research Institute for Instrumentation Engineering (JSC SNIIP) and the Institute for Physical and Technical Problems.
JSC Specialized Scientific Research Institute for Instrumentation Engineering (JSC SNIIP) is a company under the management of RASU JSC. This is one of the leading enterprises of Rosatom State Corporation in the nuclear instrumentation area. The company deals with the tasks related to nuclear and radiation safety of nuclear installations and radiation-hazardous facilities, assurance of radiation safety of the population and preservation of the environment.  
Thermo Fisher Scientific (Germany) is the world leader in the production of research and laboratory equipment, chemical agents, and clinical samples. The company also specializes in the development, manufacturing, and sales of comprehensive products for ionizing radiation measurement and safety assurance for the nuclear market, with 70 years’ experience in this business.
Russian Energy Week international forum has been held since 2016 to analyze the trends of the global fuel and energy sector. The purpose of the Forum is to demonstrate the prospects of the Russian fuel and energy sector, and make use of the potential of international cooperation in the power industry.
Source: Press Service of RASU JSC