Experts and young eco-leaders decided to create an international ecological club following the session.
On March 3, a session titled "International Eco-Community - Creating the Future Together" was held within the framework of the World Youth Festival with the support of ROSATOM. During the session, participants discussed which areas of international cooperation in the field of ecology are the most promising, how to form expert communities and involve young people in environmental initiatives, and develop new sustainable projects. The outcome of the session was the announcement of the launch of the international ecological club "Ecosystem," which will be aimed at organizing the exchange of experience between eco-leaders from different countries, conducting educational and conference events, and disseminating best practices.
The event was attended by key Russian experts and young eco-leaders who have already implemented a large number of international initiatives.
Vadim Titov, CEO of Rusatom – International Network, discussed ROSATOM's strategic approach to developing the environmental agenda in terms of technology development and support for environmental initiatives. "Combating climate change and reducing the negative impact on the environment are impossible without two key factors – technology development and support for the culture of cooperation. By developing nuclear power plant projects around the world, Rosatom helps to incorporate a clean energy source into the national energy balance of our partner countries and, together with local communities, implements various social and environmental projects," he noted.
The session was moderated by Alexandra Ryabykh, co-chair of the All-Russian Ecological Ecosystem Movement. She noted that green diplomacy is becoming one of the key tools in the development of international relations, as the task of preserving biodiversity, terrestrial, and marine ecosystems concerns everyone. "It is the young generation that determines what our future will be like, and I, as a representative of a nationwide environmental movement, can say that the sustainable agenda is becoming more and more in demand both in Russia and with our partners abroad," she said.
Source: Communications Department of ROSATOM