GORKY, July 3. ROSATOM plans shortly to conclude contracts with new countries for construction of NPPs abroad. At the present time, ROSATOM has 67% of the world nuclear plant construction market, as head of the state-owned corporation Alexey Likhachev reported to Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. 
He said that at the present time the orders portfolio exceeded US $133 billion. “At the present day, we have 35 power units as signed contracts and intergovernmental agreements; this is 67% of the world market of [NPP] construction abroad,” Likhachev noted. He specified that “the agreement concerning development of two large power units in Uzbekistan is at the final stage.” “We hope that a lot of other countries will become our partners and, as they say, nuclear newcomers,” the ROSATOM head emphasized. 
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In 2017, ROSATOM fulfilled the state defense order 100% and set an electricity generation record, Likhachev added. 
“All items under the governmental program [nuclear power development] have been fulfilled: 100% of the state defense order, 100% of the integral efficiency performance of the governmental program, and 104% of fulfillment of main business indicators of the governmental program,” he said. 
According to Likhachev, “last year, a record was set: nearly 203 billion kWh were generated; this was the largest figure over the history of existence of new Russia.” He believes that “the record of the Soviet Union – 213 billion kWh – will be achieved shortly.”
Source: TASS