ROSATOM has always been a strong supporter of fair market competition, which ensures that the customer receives the best possible technological solution at the most attractive price. 
Excluding ROSATOM from the tender to expand the Dukovany NPP in the Czech Republic is an anti-market, politically motivated decision that does not encourage the development of mutually beneficial cooperation between our countries. In the past 65 years of collaboration in the nuclear industry, together with out Czech partners we built 6 NPP units, which up to this day enable the country’s energy security in an efficient and safe way. At the same time, Czech companies received unique expertise in both manufacturing components and equipment for VVER reactors and supplying them to ROSATOM facilities across the world. 
The Russian offer envisioned the involvement of hundreds of Czech and European companies in the project of the Dukovany nuclear power plant expansion project, which could have included contracts worth billions of euros. Thus, by excluding ROSATOM from the tender, the Czech authorities are pushing aside their own national industry.
We regret this decision of the Czech authorities, because the Russian and Czech nuclear industries had serious prospects for the development of a mutually beneficial partnership, not only in the Czech Republic, but through joint work in third countries as well.
As the world leader in the construction of modern and safe nuclear power plants, ROSATOM operates in more than 50 countries. We fulfill all our contractual obligations, including those we have with Czech companies, and we are motivated by market principles and transparent competition. We are certain that nuclear energy relations should be outside of politics.

Source: Communications Department of ROSATOM