ROSATOM emphasizes the need to develop nuclear energy to achieve carbon neutrality.
Representatives of ROSATOM took part in the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) which was held in Dubai this year. Within the framework of the conference, ROSATOM organized a series of events designed to demonstrate the role of nuclear energy and technology in solving the problem of climate change on Earth.
“We are convinced that nuclear energy is an integral part of the low-carbon balance, which is why Rosatom has traditionally participated in the UN Climate Conference. Let me remind you that ROSATOM was one of the first nuclear companies to join the climate discussion and propose to consider nuclear energy as an effective tool to combat climate change. The results of this year’s climate conference show that our voice and the voices of other supporters of nuclear energy are being heard. A steady demand for nuclear energy has been formed from international partners. Demand for nuclear power is growing again, partly because nuclear technology is constantly being improved,” said Alexey Likhachev, Director General of ROSATOM.
Within the framework of the conference, ROSATOM, at the invitation of the World Nuclear Association, joined the Net Zero Nuclear Industry Pledge, an international initiative that has already united more than 120 companies operating in 140 countries around the world. The participants of the initiative agreed to maximize the contribution of existing nuclear power plants and accelerate the pace of development of new nuclear technologies in order to achieve the goal of at least a threefold increase in nuclear generation capacity by 2050. Today, Rosatom is the leader among companies in the nuclear industry in terms of the number of nuclear power units being built at the same time. There are currently 22 units under construction abroad in seven countries. ROSATOM is also a signatory on behalf of the Russian Federation to the IAEA statement on the role of nuclear energy in the climate agenda.
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Source: Communications Department of ROSATOM