The Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company, the NTI Energynet and the Center for Strategic Research “North-West” Foundation (the infrastructure center of Energynet) have entered into a cooperation agreement to work jointly on developing the digital (intelligent) electric power in Russia and implementing the Roadmap introduced by Energynet the National Technological Initiative, including the areas of establishing and development of digital networks, intelligent distributed power and user services.
This Agreement encapsulates the new policy of the National Technological Initiative, which has recently been announced by Dmitry Peskov, the Special Representative of the Russian President on digital and technological development. He stated that the cooperation with major governmental and private companies (such as Rosatom) is one of the key mechanism for the promotion of NTI’s high-technology products in the global market.
According to the agreement, the companies will work together on several areas of digital (intelligent) electric power, such as: establishing the legal grounds for trying out new practices and technologies; fostering the community of developers for new technologies and business practices; improving the education system to ensure prospective staffing; managing complex projects; analytical researches.
During the Enegynet-focused meeting with Alexey Texsler, the first Deputy Minister of Power, Alexander Khvalko, the Deputy CEO of Rosenergoatom, stated: ‘Rosenergoatom does a lot of work on digital power, energy storage systems, smart cities’ infrastructure. We see a lot of progress from Energynet on many accounts, and we would like to see some options for fruitful cooperation to develop and promote the new technologies in Russia and globally’.
For your reference:
The Energynet direction of the National Technological Initiative was established in 2014. The Roadmap for the Energynet direction of the National Technological Initiative was approved by the Executive Committee of the Presidential Council of the Russian Federation on economic modernization and innovative development in Russia on September 28, 2016. The roadmap for the legal base improvement and elimination of administrative burden to help implement the Energynet project of the National Technological Initiative was approved in the Governmental Decree of the Russian Federation No. 830-p dated April 28, 2018. 


Source: The Information and Public Relations Department of Rosenergoatom