On March 10, Head of the North European Interregional Department for Supervision over Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Rostechnadzor Sergey Perevoshchikov delivered the statement of conformance of Unit 6 to requirements of technical regulations and project documentation to Director of Leningrad NPP Vladimir Pereguda.
The day before, the final 15-day integrated tests of the new power unit were completed. During those tests, the power unit operated without issues at the nominal power.
“Our new power unit was built in full compliance with the design and is ready for safe and sustainable operation during the entire assigned service life. Now, we start formalizing all required documentation to commission the power unit in commercial operation before the end of March”, Director of Leningrad NPP Vladimir Pereguda noted.
By the commissioning time, Unit 6 of Leningrad NPP will produce more than 2 bln kWh of electricity. According to preliminary estimates, after its commissioning, the economic effect as additional taxes to the budget of Leningrad Region will be more than RUB 3 bln a year.

Source: Communications Department of Rosenergoatom