The NPP has become the first fully implemented ROSATOM's foreign project with the latest III+ VVER-1200 reactors.
On November 01, 2023, power unit No. 2 of the Belarus NPP (its general designer and general contractor being the ROSATOM Engineering Division) has been put into commercial operation. The acceptance committee signed the acceptance certificate for the unit's completed start-up complex. Pursuant to the contractual obligations, from now on, ROSATOM undertakes to ensure operability of the power unit equipment during the warranty obligations period.
On May 13, 2023, the unit was first synchronized with the grid and supplied the first kilowatt-hours of electrical energy to the grid of the Republic of Belarus, and on June 19, it attained the designed capacity. To date, the unit has generated more than 2 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity. Two power units of the Belarus NPP (its total capacity being 2400 MW) will be able to provide about 40% of the electricity needs of the Republic of Belarus, which will make the country one of the world leaders in terms of its nuclear power generation share in the overall energy mix.
“The up-to-date and safest VVER-1200 power unit 2 of the Belarus NPP has been put into commercial operation. The Belarus NPP has become the first sign of the development of our generation III+ technologies abroad. Both power units of the Belarus NPP supply kilowatts of energy to the national grid and have already proven their reliability. The successful and timely implementation of the nuclear power plant construction project became possible owing to the joint, well-coordinated work of Russian and Belarus specialists. I am confident that our nuclear power plant in Belarus will set an example for many potential foreign ROSATOM partners. Today, the construction of VVER-1200 power units is already underway in Bangladesh, Hungary, Egypt, Turkey and China,” said Vitaly Polyanin, ASE JSC Vice President - Project Director for Construction of the Belarus NPP.
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Source: Communications Unit of Rosatom Engineering Division