The Kalinin NPP’s activities with regard to facilitating technical support of the power blocks and managing system and equipment configuration and modification comply with the standards set forth by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). This was the conclusion presented by Tea Bilic Zabric, an IAEA expert from Slovenia, during the seminar held at the Kalinin NPP on October 13-18, 2019.

The seminar was held as a part of the cooperation program between the agency and the Rosenergoatom Join-Stock Company on the brink of the OSART (Operating Safety Analysis Review Team) mission, which is to take place at the NPP in April 2020.

During the trip, the expert visited the production site of the Kalinin NPP, reviewed the process areas of the NPP, studied the technical documentation and the instruction, and then interviewed the staff.

According to Tea Bilic Zabric, the nuclear power plant has implemented significant changes in the operation organization and improve the knowledge and competency set of the staff during the past two years since her last visit. ‘The Kalinin NPP is going in the right direction. You have made a lot of progress, which shows the NPP’s management commitment towards ongoing operational safety improvement’, she stressed.

The IAEA expert has noted that maintaining an electronic database for temporary modifications management is one of the best practices to be deployed at other NPPs. The system is structured and integrated under a singled information layer, which is available for all NPP employees.

The seminar will end up in a report with comments and recommendations on how to improve the operation of the Kalinin NPP in the aspects related to its technical support.
Source: The Information and PR Department of Kalinin NPP