The first metal to build the superpower nuclear icebreaker Lider (Project 10510) was cut on July 6 at the shipyard in Bolshoi Kamen, Maritime Territory. The governmental customer of the icebreaker of ROSATOM, the developer is FSUE Atomflot. SSK Zvezda is the sole contractor for this contract.
As per the contract, the vessel is planned to put in operation in 2027.
“ROSATOM supported Rosatomflot’s initiative to name the superpower nuclear icebreaker of Project 10510 the Rossija,” General Director of FSUE Atomsflot Mustafa Kashka said. “There is a succession in names of vessels in the nuclear icebreaker fleet as well as the existing tradition when the nuclear icebreakers are given names of geographic objects. The vessel of Project 10510 is unrivaled. The unique nuclear icebreaker has exceptional technical characteristics, which will enable steering of ships in the eastern region of the Arctic round-the-year,” he said.
To remind, on April 23 in Murmansk and Vladivostok the contract for building the nuclear icebreaker Lider of Project 19510 was remotely signed between FSUE Atomflot and SSK Zvezda.
The building of the nuclear icebreaker of Project 10510 will be carried out by the Far East shipyard Zvezda based on the Directive of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 538-r of March 27, 2019 “On Determining “Shipbuilding Complex ‘Zvezda’” Ltd. As the Sole Contractor for Building the Icebreaker Lider”.
For information:
The nuclear icebreaker Lider will be built to the detailed design developed by Central Design Bureau Aisberg. The vessel will carry a nuclear power installation RITM-400. It was designed by ROSATOM’s enterprise JSC OKBM Afrikantov.
Main characteristics of the nuclear icebreaker of Project 10510: power capacity is 120 MW (shafts); rate of sailing is 22 knots (in open water); length is 209 meters; width is 47.7 meters; icebreaking capability (maximum) is 4 meters; displacement: draught as per CWL is about 69,700 tons.
Major equipment of the power installation: nuclear power installation with two reactors of RITM-400 type, steam turbine with four turbine generators 37 MW each, electric drive system with four propulsion motors 30 MW each.
ROSATOM operates the world’ only nuclear icebreaker fleet.
Shipbuilding Complex Zvezda is being built by a Consortium led by PJSC NK Rosneft in the city of Bolshoi Kamen, Maritime Territory.

Source: Press Service of FSUE Atomflot