Nowadays, ROSATOM takes leading position in the scale of concurrent international nuclear built. It has 35 units in overseas portfolio in Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and North Africa (in addition to 3 units under construction in Russia). As of late 2019, ROSATOM’s order portfolio amounted to 140.1 bln. US dollars for a 10-year perspective.


ASE Group and ‘ATOMPROEKT’  provide engineering and construction of all NPPs built to Russian technologies. ROSATOM offers to its international clients a state-of-the-art design of a generation 3+ nuclear plant of the so-called “post-Fukushima” type, which meets all safety demands of the IAEA. Reactors of this generation feature a balanced mix of active and passive safety systems. This approach enables modern Russian-design nuclear plants withstand any credible beyond-design-basis accident, and ensures their protection against external impacts, such as earthquake, tsunami, and even an aircraft crash. 

Todays, Russian VVERs are operated at 64 generating units of 21 nuclear power stations in 11 countries.

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ASE Group and ‘ATOMPROEKT’ provide all spectrum of front-end engineering and survey services associated with construction and retrofitting of nuclear power plants, including site selection, development of design and detailed engineering documentation, organisation of civil and installation works, supply of equipment and materials, commissioning, and startup operation. NPP is constructed as a turnkey project. Furthermore, engineering division of ROSATOM provides technical support to plant operation.

ASE Group uses in its projects an innovative project management system Multi-D tailored to sophisticated engineered facilities, that enables more effective control over project schedule, quality and budget. Multi-D integrates project information in each stage of project implementation, and thus helps reduce design development time and duration of civil works, enhance work productivity, quality and safety, and minimise project costs. It was owing to this system that construction time of Rostov 3 was reduced by 2 months, and the project was implemented at a lower cost.

Chief designer of VVER-type reactors is ‘GIDROPRESS’ design office. Scientific leader for VVER plants is national scientific center ‘Kurchatov Institute’. In case of fast power reactors (BN), chief designer is ‘OKBM Afrikantov’, steam generator designer is ‘GIDROPRESS’, and scientific leader is ‘Leipunskiy Institute of Physics and Power Engineering’ (Obninsk FEI). Civil and installation works in NPP projects are contracted to professional companies. ROSATOM center for capital projects looks after quality and construction schedule in nuclear power projects in and outside Russia. The Center continuously seeks to improve capital construction arrangements to enhance project quality and efficiency.

Simultaneously implemented nuclear reactor construction projects in Russia and abroad

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