In addition to their core business activities Rosatom enterprises are engaged in the design, development and construction of non-nuclear facilities including thermal power stations and mini hydro power stations, as well as non-nuclear products and services.

For example, Ganz EEM (Hungary), a manufacturing company of Atomenergomash which is ROSATOM’s engineering division, is able to supply of container-installed small hydropower plants with a design capacity from 0.6 MW to 2 MW. The small hydropower plant provides a simple and cost efficient solution that maybe applied in the regions where no centralized power supply is possible because of financial or technical reasons. The plant may be operated both as an independent power source and as an alternative to inefficient and environmentally unfriendly power sources. This solution requires no dam construction and makes no damage to river and other reservoir ecology. The plant includes a turbine and auxiliary equipment set, all container-installed. Container solution makes it possible to considerably reduce the commissioning terms and construction costs. The main advantages of the small hydropower plant are the low electricity cost, short lead time, easy and fast assemblage. After transportation of the plant to the site and water connection, power generation may be started within a month. Though space saving, the plant has all necessary systems required for its operation and control. Another advantage of the container-installed small hydropower plant is the possibility of remote control by means of a phone or Internet (including the mobile option). So, with the help of the monitoring system, the owner can follow the operation of the facility by means of a computer, tablet or even a mobile telephone, and receive information on the amount of the generated electricity. At present, Rusatom International Network is negotiating in the interest of GANZ EEM the supply of the container-installed small hydropower plants to Armenia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, countries of Latin America, Africa etc.

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