ROSATOM is actively developing new areas of business, entering new markets.
According to the strategy of ROSATOM revenue from new businesses in 2030 should be 30% of total revenue.
ROSATOM is the world uranium enrichment leader
Fuel Company of ROSATOM TVEL also owns 17% of the world nuclear fuel market.
Space developments
ROSATOM participates in the project of development of a propulsion and power module based on the nuclear propulsion and power installation of one-megawatt class.
Nuclear medicine
Nuclear medical centers are created. Active production of the isotope molybdenum-99, which is used to make the main radionuclide for diagnostics.
Fast neutron reactors the leading Russian development
At the present time, the nuclear sector is one the high-technology sectors of the national industry, which employs over 250,000 people.
Electricity generation to ensure the countrys energy independence
NPPs produce over 18% of all electricity generated in Russia.
The worlds only nuclear icebreaker fleet
Most powerful icebreaker fleet in the world: 4 nuclear icebreakers, 1 lighter ship and 5 nuclear maintenance vessels. Supports navigation of ships via the Northern Sea Route.
One of the activities of ROSATOM is the production of polymer composite materials based on carbon fiber.
These materials used in aerospace and nuclear industries, in the automotive, shipbuilding, construction, oil and gas and other industries.
ROSATOMs global presence
Building 8 power units in the country and 34 power units abroad, ROSATOM today is one of the global technology leaders.
NPP design, engineering and construction
The innovative project management system for complex facilities, Multi-D, provides for effective management of parameters such as budget, due dates and quality.

34 nuclear reactors under construction abroad,

8 nuclear reactors under construction in Russia