International Forum ATOMEXPO is a key exhibition event in Russian nuclear industry. The Forum represents a site for discussion of various aspects of the modern nuclear power industry and areas of its further development. The list of participants includes the leaders of the world nuclear power industry, representatives of international, national and public organizations, Russian and foreign companies, key experts in nuclear area.

Traditionally, the Forum agenda incorporates an international congress and an exhibition of the vendors producing goods and services for nuclear and interrelated industries. The focal event of the Forum is the international congress devoted to the pending issues of the world nuclear industry. The top managers of ROSATOM, representatives of Russian and foreign governmental agencies, top managers of the industry companies, partner companies, Russian and foreign experts are invited to take part in it. As a rule, the important agreements on cooperation between the Russian Federation, ROSATOM and other countries and companies are signed in the framework of ATOMEXPO.


The X International Forum ATOMEXPO-2018 will be held in the Main Media Center in Sochi on May 14-16. The Forum’s goal is to form global partnership for further development of peaceful uses on atomic energy in the world. Main topics for discussion include: the role of atomic energy in the sustainable and green energy mix, development and use of digital and additive technologies, new energy solutions, nuclear infrastructure development, and solutions to problems that hamper current nuclear power development. Traditionally, ATOMEXPO will include an exhibition of the leading Russian and foreign nuclear companies and a broad business program with participation of corporate leaders, heads of international companies, and world level experts.

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In 2017, the Forum ATOMEXPO again reset the record of participation. Over 6,600 delegates and guests from 65 world countries took part in the Forum (for a comparison, a year before Atomexpo events were visited by 5,000 people from 55 countries). Thirty three states were represented by official governmental delegations and four countries – Sudan, Ethiopia, Columbia, and Sri Lanka – participated in the Forum for the first time. Also, the number of the participating companies grew: the Forum gathered together representatives of over 650 companies (ATOMEXPO-2016 was visited by 602 companies).

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