International Forum ATOMEXPO is a key exhibition event in Russian nuclear industry. The Forum represents a site for discussion of various aspects of the modern nuclear power industry and areas of its further development. The list of participants includes the leaders of the world nuclear power industry, representatives of international, national and public organizations, Russian and foreign companies, key experts in nuclear area.

Traditionally, the Forum agenda incorporates an international congress and an exhibition of the vendors producing goods and services for nuclear and interrelated industries. The focal event of the Forum is the international congress devoted to the pending issues of the world nuclear industry. The top managers of ROSATOM, representatives of Russian and foreign governmental agencies, top managers of the industry companies, partner companies, Russian and foreign experts are invited to take part in it. As a rule, the important agreements on cooperation between the Russian Federation, ROSATOM and other countries and companies are signed in the framework of ATOMEXPO.


In the framework of the Forum the awarding ceremony of winners of the prize ATOMEXPO AWARDS is held. This is the international professional prize for prominent services of the world industry companies which contributed greatly to development of the nuclear industry and the use of atomic energy to the benefits of mankind. The first presentation of the prize was held at the jubilee 10th Forum ATOMEXPO in 2018.

The 11th International Forum ATOMEXPO 2019 was held on April 15-16, 2019 in Sochi. It was devoted to discussion of the contribution of front-line nuclear technologies to achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of UN. In particular, the issues of global development of carbon-free power generation, responsible approach to the environment and natural resources, green investments, and international partnership to the goals of sustainable development were addressed. At the exhibition in the framework of the Forum the guests could familiarize with a broad range of the uses of nuclear technologies, including not related to power generation. The exhibition area was over 13,000 square meters. Total number of participating companies exceeded 650. Over two days of the Forum more than 40 signing ceremonies of cooperation agreements, memoranda and contracts were held. Altogether, more than 4,000 delegates and guests took part in the Forum’s events. The Forum was covered by more than 290 representatives of Russian and foreign mass media.

The 12th International Forum ATOMEXPO-2022 will take place on November, 21 22, in Sochi at the platform of the Main Media Center. It will gather the representatives from the major companies, governmental and state agencies and international organizations in order to discuss the issues related to the global nuclear power engineering development. It is expected that multiple business meetings will be held at the forum, and significant partnership agreements will be signed. The forum will include an extensive exhibitional section where the leading companies of the Russian and global nuclear industry as well as the related sectors will demonstrate their technologies and competences. You can obtain more information at: