The Corporation’s absolute priority is the safety of processes, improvement of labor conditions, preservation of life and health of employees of the sector, personnel of contractors and local residents. ROSATOM carries out active social policy, facilitates professional, career and personal advancement of employees and provides for principles of inclusivity and equal opportunities.
ROSATOM’s sustainable development is inseparably associated with measures of corporate social responsibility aimed at raising quality of living of employees and their family members, facilitating stable development of host regions and growth of wellbeing of the population in the Corporation territories of activity.
The Corporation implements a wide range of projects in the social sphere. They are aimed at supporting sectoral employees and residents of “nuclear” cities and facilitating public initiatives. These projects embrace medicine, education, art, sports, child and youth policy.
In its processes the Corporation applies the quality management system and international standards ISO and OHSAS, and is guided by building up a “sustainable” chain of supply.