On March 13, 2018 PJSC Priargunsky Industrial Mining and Chemical Union (PJSC PIMCU, managed by Uranium Holding ARMZ/Mining Division of ROSATOM) has started construction and installation of Uranium Mine No. 6.
“Today, Krasnokamensk and PIMCU, by starting Mine No. 6 construction, enter a new era of development. Annually, daily, hourly miners of Krasnokamensk, by their labor, contribute greatly to the nuclear industry development for the city to live and prosper. Today, we witness a landmark event – the beginning of implementation of the project for which we have fought consistently and which construction was supported by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. Whatever economy diversification processes are, here in Krasnokamensk the uranium production is the key industry, the heart of production,” Natalia Zhdanova, Governor of Transbaikalia Territory, said opening the function.
 “The history of Mine No. 6 has started many years ago. Here, great work has been done to prepare the site and conduct sinking operations. The country governance has always understood that the future of PIMCU is the development of Argunsky and Zherlovoe Deposits. But the perestroika time barred new projects. However, over the past time we have gained experience, tried new technologies and learned how to model mining. Certainly, years of hard and critical activities of each builder up to the general director will pass from today till the first ton of ore has brought to grass. We can do in the joint effort as our veterans did who came to this steppe 50 years ago and built the perfect capable enterprise,” Victor Svyatetsky, First Deputy General Director and Executive Director of Uranium Holding ARMZ, expressed his confidence.
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PIMCU workers, Krasnokamensk townsfolk, students of city colleges and, certainly, combine’s veterans took part in the function. “In Krasnokamensk, 50, 45, 40 years ago new shops, factories and mines were commissioned annually if not monthly. It was hard but we did it. And today, when I see people who work in construction of the new mine, I am confident that they will do all tasks duly. It can’t be in other way in Krasnokamensk,” Victor Telyatnikov, Chairman of PIMCU Veterans’ Board, said.
 Natalia Zhdanova, Victor Svyatetsky and PIMCU General Director Aleksandr Glotov cut the symbolic red band. “Today is the most important day for our Union, for the city and region, for Transbaikalia. Start!” After these words of A. Glotov dump trucks entered the construction site, excavator drawn out the first ladle of soil, and bulldozer started operating. Motely balloons raised into the skies.
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Total area of the construction site is 3,510 square meters. The work is carried out by Atomspetsstroy LLC. It planned that the main step-down substation of Mine No. 6 will be commissioned before the end of 2018.
For information:
Implementation of the investment project “Development of Argunsky and Zherlovoye Deposits (construction of Mine No. 6)” will allow for sustainable supplying the nuclear industry with the strategic feed, developing the second large city of Transbailkalia and preserving jobs at the largest uranium miner of the country. It is planned to be implemented in three stages. The first stage – construction of infrastructural facilities – must be implemented from 2017 till 2019. The work has started from building the main step-down substation which will supply electricity to the construction site and then the entire mine. Then PIMCU will start building surface facilities, carrying out main development and retrofitting Hydrometallurgical Plant. In 2023, the first phase of the mine will be commissioned. At the third stage, in 2024-2026, the main development will be completed and the facility will achieve its design production capacity.


Source: The Press Service of PJSC PIMCU