On November 7 in Yekaterinburg the large-scale competitions of young professionals WorldSkills Hi-Tech was summed up. ROSATOM became the winner of medal standings for the third year by winning 3 gold, two silver and one bronze medals. 
This year, the major title in 30 competences was rivaled by over 300 representatives of largest corporation and industrial companies of Russia. The ROSATOM’s select team was represented by 53 participants and 60 experts selected based on results of the sectoral championship AtomSkills-2017.
 Gold medals in base competences were won by the following representatives of ROSATOM’s select team: Alexei Grigorovich (Welding Technologies); Maksim Mylarshchikov and Nikita Norkin (Mechatronika); Nikita Sergeev (Engineering Design CAD); Yegor Gurkov (Electronics); Denis Nikiforov (Industrial Automation); Artem Talalai (Network and System Administration); Evgenia Smolyaninova (Laboratory-based Chemical Analysis); and Alexander Leshtayev and Maria Belokurova (Technology of Composites).
 Silver medals were won by Nikolay Ruzanov (CNC Turning Operations) and Evgeny Sovetny (Electric Wiring). The bronze medal was won by Evgeny Blokhin (CNC Drill Operations).
 Gold medals in presentation-based competences were won by: Maxim Mishin (Engineering Design) and Yegor Antipov (Product Engineer). The silver medal came to Vladislav Trofimenko (Non-destructive Inspection).
 Alexei Grigorovich, gold winner in Welding Technology, was the absolute winner of the championship and one million ruble prize winner.
In his address to the award ceremony, Head of ROSATOM Aleksei Likhachev said to all championship participants: “Now, all we are a single team, the team of Russia’s industry! The championship is of great importance to us, to the management of corporations because today in this hall there is tomorrow of our companies, best professionals in their sectors, best professionals of our country. We do all possible to have the number of participant grow each year, professionalism grow; our future victories are planted here!”

Source: Communications Department of ROSATOM