The transportation airlock for Unit 2 has been delivered to the construction site Belarus NPP (Architect General and General Contractor is Group of Companies ASE, the Engineering Division of ROSATOM).
The transportation airlock is long-lead equipment and one of large-size and heavy-weight components of the reactor compartment.
Vitaly Medyakov, Vice President for Belarus NPP Project of the Engineering Division of ROSATOM, says that nearly all essential equipment for Belarus reactors is manufactured by Russian companies. In essence, while placing orders, ROSATOM ensures their stability and creates new highly qualified jobs.
The transportation airlock is a 14-meter cylindrical chamber of over 9 meters in diameter. The chamber is hermetically closed on both sides. The airlock gates open in turn ensuring tightness of the reactor compartment. During operation of the unit the transportation airlock is an element of leaktight enclosure and is designed for transportation of nuclear fuel containers, shrouds with fresh fuel, and handling equipment necessary for operation and servicing of the reactor of the power unit.
At the present time, the 230-ton equipment item is in the incoming inspection zone.

Source: The Communications Department of Group of Companies ASE