On the 3rd of May 2023, a technical ceremony for the pouring of the first concrete for Unit 3 of the El-Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant took place at the El-Dabaa construction site in Egypt, marking the commencement of the main construction phase for Unit 3 of the El-Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant Project.
The first concrete pouring ceremony follows the issuance of the construction permit for Unit 3 of the El-Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant by the Egyptian Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority on 29 March 2023.
In his address to the attendees, Dr. Amged El-Wakeel, Board Chairman of the Nuclear Power Plants Authority, reflected on the successes of the El-Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant Project, stating: “Today’s ceremony reflects the accomplishments ensuing from the joint and continuous efforts of the working groups. This past year has witnessed the achievement of many key Project milestones including the first concrete pouring for Units 1 and 2 and the delivery of the core catcher for Unit 1. The Project is progressing in accordance with the agreed time schedules and we are here to witness the first concrete pouring for Unit 3 and the dedication of the teams who worked towards this common goal. We are adamant that, further outstanding achievements will take place with a view of successfully delivering Egypt’s first nuclear power plant.”
Underlying this remarkable accomplishment, Dr. Alexander Korchagin noted the steady progress in the achievement of Project milestones, highlighting the following: “Commencement of the construction of Unit 3 of the El-Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant means that the project is gaining momentum. Last year, we witnessed the commencement of the construction works for Units 1 and 2. Today we are taking another important step as we are proceeding with the main construction stage of Unit 3. For ASE JSC, the construction of units with a VVER-1200 design is a familiar and well-tested process which allowed us to adjust the process of equipment manufacture and form the core team of the construction personnel taking into consideration the specific features related to the El-Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant project. We are grateful to our Egyptian partners for the well-coordinated joint work. Together we will succeed in implementing this ambitions project”.
For reference:
The El-Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant is the first nuclear power plant in Egypt. It will be constructed in the city of El-Dabaa, Matrouh Governorate, on the Mediterranean coast, roughly 300 km north-west of Cairo. The El-Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant will consist of 4 units with a generating capacity equivalent to 1200 MW per unit using generation III+ VVER-1200 reactors (pressurized water reactors). This is the most advanced technology to date and it has already been successfully implemented and operated in Russia and abroad. There are four operating units equipped with such reactors in Russia: two reactors at each of the sites of the Novovoronezh and Leningrad nuclear power plants. Outside of Russia, a VVER-1200 reactor based power unit was connected to the grid at the Belarusian nuclear power plant in November 2020.
The El-Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant is being constructed according to contracts which became effective on 11 December 2017. Pursuant to the relevant contractual obligations, the Russian party will build the El-Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant, deliver Russian nuclear fuel for its entire lifecycle, provide assistance to the Egyptian Party in personnel training, and provide support in the operation and servicing of the Nuclear Power Plant for the first 10 years of its operation. The Russian party will also build a special storage facility and deliver casks for storing spent nuclear fuel.
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Source: Communications Division of ROSATOM Engineering Division