As of year-end 2023, Isotope JSC (a part of the Health Technologies Division) increased the annual export supplies of isotope products by 15%. This export growth was due to the contracts concluded with customers in the countries of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and CIS, in particular, agreements with enterprises in China and India enabled to increase the revenue in these countries one-and-a-half times and three times respectively.
At the same time, geography of the isotope product supplies expanded as well. A batch of Russian Cobalt-60 sources was supplied to the Middle-East irradiation centers after a long break. Uninterrupted supplies of Macrotech preparation, the Technetium-99 generator, to the Republic of Belarus and the Gallium-68 generator produced in Russia to the Republic of Kazakhstan were provided. Cooperation with the Latin American countries was expanded. For example, a five-year contract for supplies of medical products was concluded with Brazil in 2023. And in January, 2024 clinics in the Republic of Cuba began to receive the first regular supplies of Molybdenum-99 – a diagnostic isotope used to detect cardiovascular and oncological diseases, and Iodine-131 – a theranostic isotope used for the diagnostics and treatment of thyroid disorders.
“Development of cooperation with new partners and commencement of vital isotope supplies to these regions will enhance the availability of specialized medical care and help to save thousands upon thousands of lives,” said Maxim Kushnarev, General Director of Isotope JSC.

Source: Press service of Isotope JSC